Award Sinfor 2018 – Outstanding Startup

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Brasilia + TI 2018

Featured in the Sinfor 2018 Start-up
Classification of the current stage of the start-up.

  • Ideation and conception.
  • Prototyping and MVP.
  • Operational (sales have already occurred).
  • Expansion.
  • Consolidation.

Purpose of the start-up (what it proposes, what problem it solves, what opportunity it explores).

Develop Atom Planner an application of Artificial Intelligence to manage the use of shared resources in projects, optimizing the sequences of tasks and resources prioritizing deliveries; and DyCanvas allows the creation and customization of canvas in planning activities with face-to-face and remote teams.

Grade of innovation (compare with existing solutions, if any)

Atom Planner, AI algorithms, allow average optimization of 15% (cost and term) in the projects compared to MS-Project; DyCanvas allows for agility and canvas creation and customization (such as BMC and PMCanvas), applications like EasyCanvas only allow the use of existing templates.

Market potential (try to estimate the potential market)

According to the IDC, the project market has grown 6.8% / year to reach US $ 5.8bn in 2022. Generations Y and Z will dominate the market in coming years with trends of immediacy and collaborative solutions provided by the canvas. Estimated to reach 0.5% of the user management software market in a period of 3 years would reach 940,000 consumers.

Scalability (because the startup will have relevant participation in the indicated potential market)

Canvas is a worldwide trend and reducing costs, deadlines and complexity in projects is essential for any business. Immediately selling Atom Planner and DyCanvas as SaaS or Add-on enables direct and indirect sales to national and international public and private companies, adding value to their software and generating more benefits to their customers.

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